miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011


So, maybe, we should stop thinking' about all this fucking story. About to be someone in the future... about the past; the kisses we didn't make, the decisions we made wrong, about u and me, about us... about love. Guess what? I'm tired of all this. Always the same story, nothing changes. Hello, kiss, bye. I'm talkin' about love without seeing. Forget about miss people u don't even know. Forget about problems! Nothing is so important to worry. Start looking' for lucky even if u think it doesn't exist. Start worry about marks, start loving your parents and spend time with them. Believe in love, believe in kisses that never finish. Wake up early in the morning and walk outside. Take pictures about nature. Swim in the ocean even if it's winter. Smile and never stop laughing. Love people. Pray. Eat even if u think u shouldn't.

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